Restoring Hope is a holistic child development program that seeks to improve the lives of Syrian refugee children who have been impacted by war and violence by providing them with a quality education, in a safe, loving environment.


A Child Sponsorship Program

Restoring Hope strategically matches Syrian refugee children from our partner school with loving sponsors who invest directly in the life of their sponsored child with a small monthly donation. These children attend school in a safe, loving environment where they receive not only the love and attention they need, but are afforded life-changing opportunities that would otherwise be beyond their reach.


Holistic Child Development

At Restoring Hope, holistic child development begins with our commitment to the children and families we serve. Because we work in a emergent refugee context there are many unique challenges that these children face on a daily basis. These families have been traumatized by war, the loss of loved ones, homes and belongings. They have little to no access to even the most basic needs, including shelter, food, water, health care and education for their children. Together with our partners and child sponsors we are committed to building long-term relationships with these children and their families to help them cope with the realities of post-traumatic stress, as well as long-term unemployment and poverty. Restoring Hope equips children with the skills to succeed tomorrow, restoring the hope that war and violence have have stolen from them.

Child sponsorship through Restoring Hope offers:

  • Access to ongoing education and vocational training.

  • Recreational activities and regular exercise.

  • Trauma care for children and their families.

  • Protection from abuse, violence and exploitation.

  • Daily meals to ensure access to needed nutrition.

  • Access to medical and vision services when needed.

  • The loving care of the teachers and staff of our partner school.



An Urban Catalyst Project

Restoring Hope is a project of Urban Catalyst, a Houston, Texas based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to be a catalyst for peace and reconciliation among people of different ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds around the world.Through education, literacy, and community development initiatives, we strive to encourage meaningful relationships, enhance cultural understanding and provide opportunities for personal, academic and economic advancement for all peoples.